If the brain is a forest and a river, how does the fever of psychosis colour the branches of our synapses?

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Published by The Anti-Langorous Project (2019; 2020). Anthology no.4-6 available here.

Published by Blank Spaces (September 2020). Available for purchase here.


Two commissioned poems to raise funds and awareness of public breastfeeding. What's in a breast? Why the obsession over this piece of dangly fat and flesh? And how does the milk of my mother shape who I am?

Published in Mind Your Own Tits (2017).

At 6 Then 23

A poem in the aftermath of the 2017 mosque shooting in Quebec City. As an immigrant, is there any place I can call home?

Published in Nos plumes comme des armes / Our Words As Weapons (2016).

© Kyungseo Min, 2020

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