In 2021, Asian Canadians Document Hate Crimes To Be Believed


March 3, 2021

Article by Amy Chung.

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Stageworthy Podcast


January 19, 2021

An interview with Stageworthy, a podcast dedicated to everything about Canadian theatre. Phil Rickaby and I talked about my theatre origin story, the word 'performer', standing ovations, and how introverts deal with opening nights.

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January 7, 2021

Hosted by L'infodémie Covid-19, a CRARR civic information and mobilization initiative against disinformation and discrimination due to COVID-19. This webinar is focused on the rise of anti-Asian discrimination and disinformation since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. I represented Montreal in this cross-Canada webinar and discussed the report I co-authored and systemic racism in Québec and Canada.

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Abuse or racism toward people of Asian descent is now being documented


May 14, 2020

Article by Jesse Feith.

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May 4, 2020

Article by Daniel J. Rowe.

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Asiate Imparfaite // Imperfect Asian


October 2020
December 2020

An interview with Asiate Imparfaite // Imperfect Asian, a podcast about being Asian-Canadian. Laura Nhem and I talked about immigration, pursuing untraditional paths, my Asian identity, fetishization, and self-expression. I also participated in the bonus Christmas episode about Korean holiday traditions.

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Listen to the Christmas episode here.