"It was never success that I sought--but refuge in art" Eleonora Duse

I am a storyteller, no matter the medium. My journey began in theatre, riveted by the power of live performances. Did you know our hearts beat as one when witnessing a story on stage? Through my words, I conduct the audience's heartbeats as they journey through my worlds. 

When my mind needs a break, I remove myself from thinking by inhabiting my body. One can only sit in front of a screen for so long. I find joy in dance: the freedom of butoh and the restrained elegance of nihon buyo. In a way, I guess this is another form of storytelling.

As a woman and as a woman of Asian descent, I've encountered obstacles in this Euro-centric/Americanized world. With my stories, I challenge you to re-think Western standards of storytelling. I strive for experiences that weave Oriental and Occidental philosophies, breaking linear structure and finding drama not only in action, but stillness as well.

As artists, we are damned to deliver an artist's statement. So if you are looking for mine, here you go:


I want to write and perform for you stories that remove you from reality, transporting you into a realm where a single word or gesture can slow down your heartbeat, making you stop in your seat and feel what is underneath the banalities of the everyday. 

Although I cannot escape my mind, I can at least help you escape yours.

Photo credit: Hera Bell

© Kyungseo Min, 2020

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