"It was never success that I sought⁠—but refuge in art" Eleonora Duse

I am a storyteller, no matter the medium. My journey began in theatre, riveted by the power of live performances. Did you know our hearts beat as one when witnessing a story on stage? Through my words and body, I conduct the audience's heartbeats as they journey through my worlds. 

As a woman and as a woman of Asian descent, I've encountered obstacles in this Euro-centric/Americanized world. With my stories and performances, I challenge you to re-think Western standards of storytelling. I strive for experiences that weave Oriental and Occidental philosophies, breaking linear structure and finding drama not only in action, but stillness as well.


I want to write and perform for you stories that remove you from reality, transporting you into a realm where a single word or gesture can slow down your heartbeat, making you stop in your seat and feel what is underneath the banalities of the everyday. 

Although I cannot escape my mind, I can at least help you escape yours.


Photo credit: Hera Bell